What is Joycards?

Joycards is a service that enables you to create group video cards for birthdays, weddings, farewells, get-well-soons, Mothers Day and all other times you want to send something that is more loved, and lasts longer, than a boring old greeting card or eCard.

How does it work?

Simply sign up for free and create a video. Then invite your friends, family and colleagues to add videos to your card. When you've received all the videos simply send it to the recipient.

How much does it cost?

Joycards is currently free to use. We will add paid features in future but for now enjoy sending more joy than a greeting card completely free 😄.

How many people can contribute to a video card?

During the free pricing period the only restrictions we have is that you can have a maximum of 50 people contribute to your card. Plus, the max length of a video is 1 minute (we find videos between 15 - 30 seconds work best as part of a group video card).

Can I save my videos?

During the free pricing period your videos will be available in your account. Plus, if the recipient of the Joycard chooses to open an account they will have access to their videos whenever they want to view them.

Videos vs greeting cards and eCards?

Greeting cards are expensive, mostly impersonal and a pain to keep. Joycards capture video greetings from many people in one place allowing the recipient to keep the video and watch it again and again in years to come.